Healthy Line

Apr 26, 2016
Awais Ashraf

At, we believe there is nothing more important in life than good health, and providing you with the best quality products at an affordable price to maintain your health, is our mission. is a US based company that focuses on creating a wide range of products for the body and the mind. Your optimal health is our goal, which is why our products have been exclusively designed and created with the highest quality control standards and are registered with the FDA.

Our premier line of high-end heated mats are unlike any you’ve experienced before.  These exclusive mats provide superior heat therapy to help refresh and rejuvenate your body as well as your spirit. Semi precious natural stones such as Jade, Amethyst and Tourmaline add to the healing and recuperative powers of these mats.  The mats also provide FIR (Far-infrared) therapy, which helps with circulation and flexibility, while also relieving tension and stress by penetrating deep into muscles and tissue.  The negative ions released can strengthen your immune system, improve digestion and help calm and relax the brain, providing for better overall health and well being.


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