The school cafeteria is available for students and staff. Hygienically prepared food is available at the cafeteria; it also provides the facility to buy note books, limited number of text books and stationery items.
Computer Lab
Two well equipped computer labs are available with internet facility under the guidance of qualified computer science faculty. computer science is an integral part of academics and is being taught as a compulsory subject from class prep to vii. the subject is offered as an elective in classes vii-x as an alternate to biology.
The school library is well stocked and contains books on a variety of subjects. work stations are established for research work. new books are added on yearly basis. regular library period for each class is included in the time table; books are issued to students on regular basis. a qualified librarian looks after the library affairs.
APS & c msg is an embodiment of nature. its lush green velvety grounds add to its beauty and provide fresh air to the students. acres of well-maintained play grounds render a wonderful opportunity to develop physical strength of our students. one dedicated play ground is available to each school section so that students feel secure and safe. the pre-school’s playground has lots of play equipment suited to the needs of small children.
School has a small medical facility in the form of a sickroom and first aid qualified teacher for the sick or injured pupils is available. the seriously injured />sick students are taken to the Garrison Medical Center (GMC) for providing emergency care where necessary emergency treatment is offered by competent medical professionals.
Multipurpose hall is an integrated educational facility that is used for arranging competitions various occasions.
Science Lab
Fully equipped science labs for physics, chemistry and biology are available; students of ssc level as well as junior and middle school have an access to the laboratories.
We take pride in our indoor and outdoor sports facilities as we have dedicated sport grounds and courts available for cricket, hockey, netball, badminton and football. physical training, hoola hoop and athletics are integral part of sports periods. the facilities are offered to both girls and boys. on days when we are not able to take outdoor classes due to inclement weather, board games are offered inside the classes.